Who needs a consulting forester?

  • Forest landowners: to plan the best use, protection, and management of their land resources to suit their objectives.
  • Attorneys: to provide their clients with the best available documentation of evidence about conditions on the subject’s property.
  • Bankers and accountants: to help program the income and estate tax obligations for woodland owner clients.
  • Forest products industries: to supplement their management, acquisition, research, and procurement needs.
  • Government: to supplement staff with expertise in a wide array of services.

To be a member, one must:


Professional Forester

Must possess a four-year degree or higher, a degree in forestry or natural resources (or a closely related field) from an accredited college or University.

Technical Forester

Must possess a two-year degree in forestry (or closely related field) from an accredited college or University.

In addition, all members must:

  • actively offer professional consulting forestry services to the public for a fee or retainer,
  • have five years of experience in the field of forest management,
  • be approved for acceptance by a simple majority of the regular membership, and
  • abide by a voluntary code of ethics.